A blast from the past (my weblog, June 1998, specifically) with anagrams. (Bear in mind some anagrams turn a bit offensive. If you’re sensitive to such things even in this day and age, do not read).

Elisha Davison =

Voila! Danishes.
Shaved liaison
Inhales, avoids.
A diva, Holiness.
Aha! Divine loss.
Aha! Solid veins.
Alias = Shoved In
Alias = Dish oven
His anal videos
Anal video hiss
Hi, nasal videos!
Alas, vinos hide.
Alas, divine hos.
Oh divine salsa!
Divine salsa ho
Hailed vain SOS
I also vanished
Haloed vain sis
Haloed via sin
Slavish on idea
Shiv salon idea
Nailed visa hos
Ah, Ladies, vinos.

Jonah and Jillian to come. Don’t forget these ones, though:

Erin Lilly-Davison:

Lad virile. Sin only.
Darn Illinois levy!
Alien lord is vinyl.

Ty Davison =

Nasty void.
Sand to ivy.