1. Dennis says that, in consultation with his doctor, he’s going to give soccer goalkeeping another go. He had to quit three years ago because of blood clots in his arm/shoulder. Current thinking is that if he avoids throwing the ball, he’ll be OK. I’m already trying to figure out how I can get on his team.

2. While shopping at Fred Meyer I bumped into John, the soccer player who suffered a massive heart attack on the field at Bush Park a few weeks ago. To say he looks great compared with how I saw him last is the understatement of the decade. He’s still sore (which is what a quadruple bypass gets you) but hardly complaining. An amazing array of things had to line up for him to still be alive today, but there he was shaking my hand in the organics aisle.

3. Jillian is cruising, holding onto objects and walking around. Already she’s stood up by herself and has a few times released hold of everything to just stand there surfer-like as she attempts to maintain her balance without the use of anything else. It’s a joy to watch.

4. Uncle Bret came to drop off a few items and play with Jonah and Elisha for 10-15 minutes. They’d love to see him even more of course, but he’s a high energy presence and they thrive on that even in short bursts.