The temptation, after today’s tumultuous Democratic Party Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting awarded half voting rights to all Florida and Michigan delegates, is to throw up ones arms in despair.

Honestly, this is exactly–exactly–why so many of us despise the Democratic Party: They’d rather break rules (or laws) than make anyone feel badly. How they can change the rules mid-stream to seat any delegates from Florida or Michigan is beyond me. Next election cycle do candidates abide by the rules set by the Democratic National Committee or not? Indeed, why would any candidate (or state Democratic party thinking of moving up their primary or caucus date) pay any attention to the DNC next time around?

Nonetheless, the bottom line is that Obama may have dropped a few delegates in the proceedings, but he carried the day. Barring something unforeseen, he’ll be the Democratic nominee, and probably have the necessary delegates by this time next week.

That thought alone has kept me from hyperventilating. I know they’re not neo-con fascists like the Republicans, but the Democrats still drive me nuts.