It’s prediction time

Obama in a landslide (375-163). He’s smart, he’s run a great campaign and he’s got a ground game that McCain can’t match. Plus he’s got Biden and McCain has the albatross of Palin. Play with an interactive US electoral map here. Without...

An Obama List

The Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Should Vote for Obama. Any will do as reasons for voting Obama-Biden, but I’m partial to 1-3 and 8-10.


The Daily Show’s interview with Wasilla’s current mayor borders on terrifying. Others just seem like regular yokels (no offense intended).

Airport security

Not just a complete waste of time, but also a gigantic waste of money too. Proof and arguments here. We’ve become inured to the airport hassle so it’s unlikely to go away no matter how ineffective it might be. But worse, we’ve done this across the...