My grandmother Jeanne, the matriarch of the Mansfield clan, passed away last night at the age of 88. I don’t have any details at present, but she faced a number of health challenges in her later years.

It is worth mentioning that how she faced those challenges, and how she met life in general, was with a wonderful, quintessentially Midwestern humor. Grandma Jeanne raised a family of five to share the same delightful sense of humor that she possessed, and her kids today (my mom and her siblings—my aunt and uncles) all have this quality. (I dare say that part of her legacy is that many of her grandkids, including Bret and me, have it too.)

I’ve been blessed not only to know both of my grandmothers but also by who they were. Having this opportunity has made me all the more thankful that my own children and their grandparents are able to spend time together. When I think of Grandma Jeanne’s life I can only reflect at the good fortune I’ve had to share part of it. She was a wonderful, kind, caring, fun and funny person. I am so grateful I could know her.