I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to say this: Starting Clark in the midfield is a big mistake. Not crazy about DeMerit either after what I’ve seen recently, but you’ve got to put somebody there, and he’s tough if nothing else.

Well, it took Clark less than 4 minutes to cost us. Lordy, I’d have loved to be wrong about that, but that was dismal marking. 1-0 England.

Altidore misses a header that many would have finished. Cherundolo having a decent game so far charging down the wing. Draws a yellow on Milner. Milner subbed out a few minutes later; word is that he’s not feeling 100%.

Howard injured on a nice save in the 29th minute. Hope he’s OK. The drop-off from Howard to Hanniman is steep based on what I’ve seen. Looks like Howard will stay in. Bullet dodged.

Cherundolo picks up a yellow. Cameras didn’t catch the foul, but looked like it in the aftermath.

Dempsey scores! Green lets in a soft goal! It’s a gift. Dempsey struck it relatively well, but there was no way that should have gone in.

1-1 at halftime. That’s a great result for the USA.

Great Howard save in the 51st minute after another defensive collapse. Guch was way too far forward. Not a great shot really, but Howard did very well to get big and hold on.

Howard with some great saves. Couple yellows for England. Deserved yellows. Great run from Altidore! Off the post!

Better play from the US in the final 15 minutes. 1-1 final. Great games from Howard—Man of the Match—and Cherundolo. Good game from Guch, especially later in the game after Peter Crouch came in for England. I’ll give some love to DeMerit as well. He didn’t exactly mark Rooney out of the game, but it was good enough today.

This is a great result for the US.