So this is a game that Germany, despite their youth, should win convincingly. Australia gets an early chance or two, but Germany threatens as well and nets a rocket in the opening 10 minutes. 1-0 Germany.

Germany’s Ozil gets a yellow for diving. Hurray! To the floppers go the cards. Really got to say the refs are doing well so far. I know they’re likely to screw something up badly—it’s a long tournament—but I’ve been impressed.

Rocket into the net. 1-0 Germany.

Klose misses something I could have finished which is my way of saying he missed a really easy one. He makes up for it in the 26th minute with a stunning header. Keeper beaten badly.

The exciting thing is the movement and runs up top for Germany. They seem to have no end of interesting offensive ideas. Clearly, they’re in league with Argentina as one of the top teams, and sure, it could be that Australia is stinking it up, but Germany looks strong to me.

Cahill gets sent off in the 56th minute on the first terrible call of the tourney. No way was that a straight red card. Yellow, sure, but no way that was a red. Australia’s already dim hopes are pretty much extinguished. Another yellow to Australia in the 58th minute.

Klose misses another one-on-one. Despite a great header in the 1st half, not a great game from him. Of course a bad game from Klose is better than most people’s good games.

Mueller finishes a nice Germany build up. 3-0 Germany. Klose comes out. Another goal off a pretty through ball. 4-0 Germany.