Perennial floppers Italy in their first World Cup match since Zidane head-butted his way into infamy and handed the title to the Azzurri in 2006. As a long time hater of teams that fake injury to fouls on their opponents, I’ve long loathed Italy’s style of play. So an early exit for the “champs” would be fine by me.

Unfortunately, Paraguay is unlikely to provide the necessary challenge to keep Italy at no points. Early action has the Italians attacking nearly at will. (Only 1-2 flops so far, but the game is young.) Rain is pouring down on the pitch; should make the footing interesting if it keeps up.

PARAGUAY! A major goal on a set piece in the 38th minute. Absolutely against the run of play which the Italians had controlled. Perhaps the rain had flattened their hair gel, making either defender incapable of clearing the cross. The forward just split them and put it in. 1-0 Paraguay, a lead which they take into halftime.

Italy changes keepers at halftime, which is somewhat unusual. I’m not familiar with their goalkeeping situation, but the 1-0 lead for Paraguay wasn’t the keeper’s fault, that’s for sure.

What was the keeper’s fault was Italy’s corner kick goal. Completely misjudged by the keeper, the ball flew right across the goalmouth and was poked home easily. Now can Paraguay hold on for the draw.

Despite sustained Italian pressure, the answer is yes. 1-1 draw.