North Korea will probably try to pack the back, but it won’t matter. Whatever the benefits of Communism, creating a soccer team capable of beating Brazil probably isn’t one of them. I mean we’re talkinga bout a country that can’t mass produce a decent…well, anything. Hell, they can’t even feed their people. That dictator Kim Jong-il would choose to focus on a soccer team and nuclear weaponry while starving the country’s people should tell you all you need to know—about how I feel if nothing else.

Sure enough, Korea is packing it back. What’s that 11 guys in one half of the field? I can’t blame that for that. I’d coach it up that way too. Brazil with a few OK chances, but even with topflight skills it’s tough to break down a packed defensive third. (Parenthetically, this pack back and counterattack strategy is the key to success in indoor soccer as well.)

0-0 at half. I continue to expect a Brazil victory.

Ten minutes into the second half Brazil puts one in thanks to a keeper who almost couldn’t be more out of position. Lordy, I would’ve done a better job just because I know where to stand—and I’m a terrible goalkeeper. Too bad in the sense that the Korean strategy was sound.

Brazil gets another one as they sneak past the Korean defense on a lovely diagonal pass. Pretty! 2-0 Brazil.

Couple more chance for Brazil before Korea nets one! My word that’s making the most of your chances. I’ll bet the possession time is 70-30 Brazil. I don’t think Korea had a shot on goal in the second half until that. Nice finish, and one that may help them move to the second round, since everybody is likely to lose to Brazil in the first round.

Final 2-1 Brazil.