Nobody in their right mind wakes up in the early AM to watch two soccer teams going nowhere else you’ve got a certain affinity for the game. Or brain trauma. Good morning.

It’s a fairly open game to start which helps the neurons start firing. I’m not a “coffee guy” so something needs to wake me up, and I’m thinking good soccer is it. Well, exciting soccer anyway.

Best action of the first half was the Kiwi keeper whiffing on an attempt to play a long ball and giving up a corner. Both teams are passing poorly out of the midfield and shooting even worse when the opportunities present themselves. Slovakia gets a decent shot and Curly McMidfielder of New Zealand picks up a yellow (maybe for his perm) but not a ton of action otherwise. 0-0 at half.

Five minutes into the second Slovakia scores on a nice cross and a beautiful header. Those headers are easier if you’re not marked and he wasn’t. Rather inexplicable defending. 1-0 Slovakia. Well, inexplicable until the replay which shows not one but two attackers offside. Worst non-call of the game in a Cup that’s been really good so far as officiating (the Cahill red card excepted).

NEW ZEALAND! Two minutes into extra time they put in a header! Awful defending by Slovakia. Can’t believe that they didn’t have at least five guys in the box to begin with, but that the two who were there would leave the scorer unmark is beyond dumb. New Zealand pull a 1-1 draw.