Honduras in white, which is more of a reminder to myself than anything. Dangerous kick for Chile early. Great kick just misses. Maybe a foot high. Well struck. Lots of early fouls. A yellow to Carmona of Chile (who is in red, haha—I’m not pull another Algeria switcheroo).

So for Chile with the run of play with Honduras getting some counterattacking chances. I like the early action. Another yellow to Chile to Fernandez. Given the way these guys foul and flop, I’m guessing one or two get tossed by the end of this. I’m getting more action cataloging cards than goals.

As an aside, I played with a Jabulani match balls yesterday. I noticed no great difference in play, though on examination afterward I was surprised to see how rubberized it felt, almost like a cheap rubber ball with lots of little golf ball dimples. I don’t think it’s a bad ball, but I also wasn’t shooting on a large goal or, I suppose, having to defend the same. Frankly, I rather liked it, but I’m not going to run out and spend $150 on it either.

With all the flopping and fouling I know this hasn’t been the easiest game to officiate, but I’m not thrilled with the job so far. Palacios of Honduras gets a yellow for something. I don’t know what.

Chile scores on a pretty diagonal run into the box. 1-0 Chile. For the record, I’ve predicted the game to be 2-0 Chile, so I’m half way home. And 1-0 is what it stays to halftime.

Chile has continued to generate attacking chances in the opening 10 minutes of the 2nd half. Honduras will have to push more guys forward at some point unless they’re just happy to be here.

Honduras’ keeper comes up huge in the 18th minute of the 2nd half, saving a pointblank header. That would have iced the Chile (chilly-ice, get it? nevermind).

Honduras mounts some offense in the last 5 minutes (including injury time) but it’s not enough and Chile wins 1-0. Honduras should have pushed forward sooner if you ask me. Chile won in dominant fashion. Their game against the Swiss—we’ll assume Spain wins the group—likely decides who makes next round.