Uruguay should have the advantage here despite the home field for SA. Since all teams in Group A are tied with a point apiece a winner today has a great chance of moving to the second round.

Couple yellow cards to SA early along with some dangerous free kicks for Uruguay. After settling a bit, we get some back and forth.

Forlan puts one in for Uruguay in the 24th minute. Nice shot deflects off a defender’s head. The keeper seemed as surprised as everyone else that it actually went in. I’m not sure he even moved. That’s 1-0 Uruguay, but I dare say SA will get some chances before the night is through.

Another yellow to SA. 1-0 Uruguay at half.

Harsh red card to the SA keeper midway through the second. Not that the forward wasn’t touched, but you’d have thought he was shot from the grassy knoll given his reaction. Sure seemed like a penalty kick was adequate reward for Uruguay. Forlan slots the penalty, but I’m not cheering against Uruguay the rest of the tournament. I hate floppers.

Uruguay adds a third goal four minutes into extra time after SA has pushed everybody forward. Final 3-0 Uruguay in a game ruined by a flop in the box.