The Swiss are heavily outmatched by the talented Spanish. I’m expecting another packed defensive effort which will tell us how Spain deals with that type of thing. Much is expected.

Well, one good chance aside, Spain has been unable to effectively breakdown the Swiss defense. Like North Korea, the Swiss are keeping a bunch of folks back. It’s not a bad strategy against a superior opponent, but as a viewer I can barely keep my eyes open. It’s incredibly tedious soccer punctuated by rare moments of excitement. 0-0 at half.

OMG! The Swiss score on a counter. The lucked it in and it’s wholly against the run of play, but talk about a huge goal! 1-0 Switzerland.

Spain is attacking, attacking, attacking. For as boring a game as this was in the first half, it’s turned great in the second. Spain, widely expected to win group and go far in the tournament but who (as I’ve told everyone who’ll listen) always disappoint, need to get at least a point out of this.

We’re at the end of regulation. Wow. Five minutes of extra time. I would have guessed one. Somebody at FIFA is giving Spain every opportunity. The Swiss continue to keep 8-10 people in the defensive third, only venturing out on the counterattack. Indeed the biggest threat is that Spain will thwart a counter and counter themselves.

And that’s it! Switzerland improbably knock off top-rated Spain 1-0. Great second half.