If South Korea have any brains, they’ll pull a Switzerland and pack everybody pack. I’ll make an exception only if they decide to try to mark Messi out of the game and pack everybody else back. Argentina has started strong, we’ll see where it leads.

South Korea picks up a yellow for mugging Messi. Good.

Sustained pressure ends in a own goal for South Korea off a Messi free kick. Brutal defensive error, but Argentina must have something like an 80-20 (or higher) time of possession advantage. In early action they are completely dominating South Korea. SK’s had one good shot from range, and that’s it. 1-0 Argentina.

Argentina scores a second 32 minutes in. Offside? Replay says no. Nice header. 2-0 Argentina in what’s thus far been a very strong performance.

A minute later, another yellow card to South Korea’s Lee Chung Young. Not that I know who that it or that you should, they just showed his name on the TV.

Big defensive error by Argentina gives Korea a goal seconds before halftime. Argentina’s sweeper didn’t realize there was pressure and just handed the ball to the Korean player who easily beat the keeper. 2-1 Argentina at halftime.

Ten minutes into the 2nd half and South Korea is looking much more alive with some good attacking chances. Two yellow cards to Argentina in short order. A great chance for SK at 12 minutes in the 2nd goes for naught. Should have kicked it right footed.

Great run from Messi and company for a third goal 31 minutes into the 2nd. Great attack. Keeper saved the first shot from Messi, but when Messi’s second shot went off the post across the goal mouth, it was nothing for the other Argentine attack to tap it home. 3-1 Argentina.

What an attack from Argentina in the 35th minute! Brilliant goal! Left the Korean defense spinning in place. Excellent soccer. 4-1 Argentina.

And that’s the way it ends. Argentina continuing to look very strong. That gives Argentina 6 points in Group B which should be enough to push them through to the next round. If I’m not mistaken, a tie against Greece will win them the group.