I’ll be frank: I don’t think Mexico has the horses to run with France. Still, they’re not terrible and they always bring a good effort which gives them a chance.

Mexico picks up an early yellow for not backing off the ball. Dumb.

The Univision guys are very excited about a Mexico chance, but I don’t think it was much given the angle. (Plus he hit 10 feet over.)

France getting some chances now. Ribery looks faster than his opponent on the wing.

Both teams getting chance in the opening 15 minutes. Good game thus far. France has passed back to their keeper and twice almost had it picked off.

France picks up a yellow just before half. 0-0 at half in an interesting game.

Mexico picks up two yellows to start the 2nd. They need to be a little careful now.

Mexico scores! Should have been offside I think, but live by the sword, die by the sword and France just got cut. An entertaining game should get even more so as France is forced to push players forward.

Uh oh. France has completely abandoned its possession game. They’re hitting long balls now, and it doesn’t bode well. It’s the sign of a panicky, unconfident team.

Mexico wins a penalty on a great run into the box about 30 minutes into the 2nd half. Blanco, like an old comfortable shoe, is in the game to take the kick. Hits a perfect shot into the side net! 2-0 Mexico!

Univision has a computerized “Univision 360” computer toy to show us just how not offside the Mexican player was on the first goal. It starts with an actual camera shot of the event, then switches to a computerized representation of the players as it swings the camera angel around to give us the perfect view. It’s hokey as anything. Having seen that, I’d agree that the Mexican computer player was onside. Sadly, that doesn’t have any bearing on, or relation to, reality.

France continues to kick the long ball. There’s 10 minutes plus injury time, but I’ll call it now: This game is over.

Yep. 2-0 Mexico. France, the favorite, will need some luck to get out of Group A. If Uruguay v. Mexico ends in a tie, France is out.