This should be an English victory, but who knows? We’ve seen some weird stuff in the last few days. Notably, England starts David “Calamity” James in goal replacing the poor sap who gave up the goal to the US.

Based on the first 5 minutes, looks like a wide-open game which does not bode well for Algeria, but bodes great for us fans. I’m not saying that Algeria won’t get some chances, just that England is not a team with whom I’d want to be trading body punches.

But maybe I’m wrong. In the opening 25 minutes, it’s Algeria with the run of play, the possession, and the shots. Not great shots, mind you, but not terrible either, and a lot more than what England is generating at the moment.

It’s taken 29 minutes, but England is finally starting to show some life. They’re not dominating, but they’re not back on their heels either. I’d like to see Peter Crouch as a sub sometime early in the second half.

0-0 at half, with Algeria looking the better team.

Yellow for Carragher 12 minutes into the second and right outside the English box too. Danger. Missed.

England is losing this in midfield. Rooney is having to come way back just to get service. I’d switch out of the 4-4-2 England’s in and go to a 4-3-3 and bypass the midfield altogether. This would also keep Algeria’s defensive backs from venturing into the attack.

0-0 in the end, with Algeria frankly the better team. That creates a mess in Group C. England is down the tie break to the USA (goals differential comes first then goals for, where the USA leads 3 to 1).

So…if Slovenia wins, they win the group. If they tie, they’re through to the second round.

If USA wins, they’re through to the second round. If USA ties, it will depend on England v. Slovenia with a Slovenia victory putting us through. If England v. Slovenia is a tie as well, then it comes to goal differential. If we don’t score in our game, we need England to score no more than 1 goal.

For England, if they beat Slovenia they’re on to the 2nd round. If the USA ties or loses, England wins group.

Algeria needs a win and an England tie or loss to get to the 2nd round.

As I say, what a mess! Bottom line: Teams need to win!