Serbia starts fast, attempting to say something like “we’re not Australia.” Fair enough. Germany may have looked like the class of the tournament so far, but a lot of that had to do with Australia giving them space to operate. I’m guessing Serbia (and everybody else Germany plays) won’t make that mistake again.

Yellow card for Klose, Germany’s top forward and one of the highest scoring players in World Cup history, in the 11th minute.

Germany’s left back doesn’t appear to be quite as fast as Serbia’s forward, which should make for interesting times. Thus far Serbia’s looking to be very aggressive, and it’s kept Germany from fully exploiting the advantages it has in certain positions. Free kick to Serbia on the left side of Germany’s penalty box.

Germany’s backs are being molested on their side of the field—no free passes—which is making it harder for them to get the ball served into the midfielders and forwards. That extra work will also make it hard for them to join any attacks.

Serbia player picks up a Yellow for a late challenge on Podolski. Another Yellow to Serbia for a late challenge. That didn’t take long. Yellow to Germany’s Khedira. That’s 4 yellow’s and we’re only 22 minutes in. Not that they’ve not been deserved, but I hope that cards don’t decide this game.

Serbia’s getting 6-10 players back in the defensive third on Germany attacks. This is the right strategy (albeit boring for fans) in terms of beating a superior opponent or getting a draw.

Lahm picks up a yellow in the 32rd minute. Free kick to Serbia in a dangerous area. Close!

OMG! In the 36th minute Klose gets a second yellow (meaning a red). He’s out! Germany down to 10 men. This is exactly what I thought might happen with all those cards flying around. Replay shows it to be a good call, and it’s not like the referee has been inconsistent today. Everybody fouling from behind has been punished with a card. Germany just hasn’t adjusted.

Serbia scores! Only a minute later that faster forward crosses, it’s headed back across and in it goes. 1-0 Serbia.

Germany, which started the game looking like world beaters, has fallen apart in short order. They’ve picked up loads of cards, gotten their star forward tossed from this game and the next, and gone down 1-0 to a team they were expected to beat. Wow.

Germany off the post in extra time! 1-0 Serbia at half.

Good shot from Germany; they’re still generating chances despite being a man down and Serbia packing the defensive third. As long as this stays at 1-0 Germany has a chance, 2-0 is probably fatal.

Yellow to Serbia. You have to be almost nuts to slide tackle with this ref.

Oh! Podolski just misses wide on a great run behind the defense. Serbia’s strategy isn’t a template for beating Germany—because you can’t write “1. Klose gets a red card” on a chalkboard and plan to have that work—but it’s challenging everything and packing the back to stay competitive and other teams can certainly do that.

Serbia gets insane and gives up a handball in the box! Unreal. The defender was all alone. Yellow card and penalty kick. Podolski’s shot saved by the keeper! Not a good shot on replay. Tried to pass it in with pace and got neither a good position for the ball or enough power. You know it’s bad when I can do better. (And I can do better.)

Schweinsteiger gets a yellow. Honestly, since a yellow in two consecutive games knocks you out of the next match, I wonder if Germany will field a team in the next one. They’re collecting these like trading cards.

Germany mounts some challenges into the attacking third but, despite a raft of subs, generates no really threatening chances. Game ends 1-0 Serbia in a big upset.