Battle of the losers here, with Netherlands having won both match in group thus far. Denmark can do well for themselves with a victory today. Indeed, it’s not impossible that a victory today for either side will be sufficient to make the second round.

Cameroon like their game free flowing, so action should be plenty even if it turns out disastrously for them.

Cameroon scores! Horrible defensive errors. Keeper shouldn’t have passed out, defender shouldn’t have played a blind pass to the side—one which was then picked easily. 1-0 Cameroon.

Cameroon is dominating and getting good chances. The Danes look nervy in the first 10. About 15 minutes in Denmark is starting to get some opportunities.

Brilliant goal for Denmark in the 33rd minute! Long ball to the corner beats the defense, and the cross is beautifully tapped in. 1-1.

Denmark sees a stellar chance go by then gives the ball away in their third only to have Cameroon’s go-ahead shot hit the post.

End-to-end action but the defenses are virtually falling apart. It’s amazing we’re only at 1-1 during halftime.

Great action in the 2nd. Wonderful chances for the Lions, but it’s Denmark who nets the next one. The forward takes it down the right wing, cuts inside, and bends a left footer into the far post. Great shot! Denmark 2-1 in the 60th minute.

Cameroon is getting too many chances for me to catalog them all. Crazy, open game. Terrible defense makes for highly entertaining soccer!

Up and back, lots of excitement and effort (if awful defense) ends in a 2-1 Denmark victory which eliminates Cameroon from the next round.