Australia stunk up the joint in game one, the repercussions of which extend to this game as their best player Tim Cahill got red carded. Missing Cahill today, I don’t expect a whole lot. Meanwhile, Ghana plays an open style that should give us a good game, but remember they only took out Serbia after Serbia was reduced to 10 men (and even then only with some luck).

Goal for Australia from a rebound off a direct kick. Thought the keeper should have done better with that, but the scorer was completely unmarked. 1-0 Australia.

Some awful defending and some nice offensive from Ghana yields rocket of a shot that is blocked out of the goal by the arm of an Australia defender. Ref gives a harsh red. What is the defender supposed to do, cut off his arm? It’s not like there was any chance whatsoever for him to get out of the way and he didn’t reach out for it. Was the ball intentionally handled? I don’t think so.

Anyway, Ghana converts the penalty and Australia is down to 10 men (again). 1-1, which is how it stays at half.

Second half props to Australia for pressing the attack. Some good chances and lots of yellow cards to Ghana. Ghana’s wings continue to give the Aussie defense fits, but no one can put one in and the game ends 1-1.