Brazil’s first dangerous shot less than one minute in. That is likely to be the first of many. NOnetheless, it’s IC who has the run of play in the opening 15. Nothing super dangerous, but it’s surprising not to see Brazil dominating the time of possession if nothing else. Kaka in particular is being robbed of the ball virtually every time he touches it.

Brazil runs a nice little give and go set in the 24th and Fabiano crushes one, Donovan-like, into the up of the net. 1-0 Brazil.

OK, pretty dull thus far. 1-0 Brazil at half. Good news: Ivory Coast is going to have to attack in the 2nd.

Five minutes in Fabiano gets another one. Nice finish, but a handball on Fabiano to beat the three defenders. 2-0 Brazil.

Kaka gets the cross and Elano tapes it home. 3-0 Brazil.

Goal to Ivory Coast on a Drogba header. Was he on? Yes, easily. 3-1 Brazil.

Kaka ejected for a very slight foul. Game’s gotten very chippy, which is unfortunate. Lot of acting on both side now which is lame.

Final 3-1 with Brazil going on to the 2nd round.