This game marks a wonderful turning point: I’ve done the last of the 4:30 AM games. Tomorrow’s matches are the final games of the first round, and as such each group’s last two games are played simultaneously to prevent any team from gaining an advantage. All subsequent games will run at 7 AM and 11:30 AM, two very acceptable times.

Early yellow to Chile. Switzerland has been a rock of defense. At the last World Cup, they did not allow a goal (losing in penalties in the second round). They knocked off Spain with this staunch defense, and while it’s not always winning or exciting soccer, it is definitely not losing soccer.

Chile looked good against Honduras, admittedly faint praise, but praise nonetheless.

Around 10 minutes, Chile pumps two successive shots that the Swiss keeper does well to parry. Looks like Chile’s plan is to shoot a lot from distance. Good a plan as any.

Lots of cards coming out in an unimpressive fashion. Are these deserved? 26 minutes in and four yellows.

30 minutes and a Swiss guy send off. Not great refereeing.

0-0 at half.

Switzerland will play for the tie obviously and since they’ve already taken out Spain, one point today will suffice. Chile is mounting a number of challenges, though, and that’s be no means assured.

Chile steals the ball. The keeper is brilliant in stopping the one-on-one.

Two more yellows, one for each side, but inexplicable. Another card coming. Another yellow. Ref is completely losing control of the game.

Goal to Chile in the 75th minute. Guess they beat the Swiss offside trap. Iffy, but good enough today. 1-0 Chile.

Lots of excitement as Switzerland sends men forward. All kinds of gaps in the back. Chile missing good chances now.

Swiss with a superb chance that is shot wide. Really should have done better with that.

That’s it. 1-0 Chile in a game decided as much by the ref as the players. Ten cards given in the game, only maybe 1 or 2 of which were deserved. I know other refs have blown calls here or there, but for my money this was the worst officiated game of the Cup so far.