Expect to see Spain win. I do.

David Villa off the post; Spain getting a lot of pressure into the attacking third.

Honduras has had chances, more than I thought they would.

OMG what a goal by David Villa! Goal of the Cup so far I think! Dribbled three guys and slotted it passed the keeper into the corner. Brilliant! 1-0 Spain at 16 minutes.

Mendoza fouls Villa. No card which is hard to believe. Thought it was a yellow for sure. Free kick Spain. Nothing.

Torres gets two chance is less than a minute, putting both of them over. 55-45 Spain in time of possession at the 34 minute mark.

Yellow to Honduras at 37 minutes for what likes a dive on the replay.

1-0 Spain at half with David Villa looking dangerous on almost every possession.

4 v 4 counter in 5th minute of the second allows David Villa to net another. The defenders collapsed on attackers toward the penalty spot and Villa knocked it off a defender and in. 2-0 Spain.

15 minutes into the second the ref gives a penalty; reply looks like a flop to me, though. Attacker felt a little contact and dropped like a rock. Lame, but then Villa misses wide right—worst thing he’s done all day—so it works out. That would’ve given him a hat trick. Too bad, sorta.

Loads of pressure on the Honduran defense as their offense wastes what few chances they get. Free kick in the 23rd minute of the 2nd gets kicked way over the bar.

Villa stuffed on break in the 85th minute. Maybe should have gone one-touch.

Good game, with Spain definitely the better of the two. 2-0 Spain.