I’m not expecting anything about an Argentine victory. They’e been the class of the Group so far. Argentina hasn’t quite qualified for the second round, but unless they lose by three to Greece they’re in. Greece needs a victory plus a better goal differential compared to South Korea who plays Nigeria simultaneously.

Lots of middle third possession for Argentina in the first 10 minutes, otherwise nothing notable.

Goal for Nigeria, now 1-0 over South Korea. As things stand, Argentina and Greece go through, an amazing statement given how awful Greece was in the opening match. Still, Nigeria have a poor record of squandering early leads at the World Cup and there’s a lot of soccer left.

Greece into the final third a couple times, but all the dangerous chances seems to belong to Argentina. Keeper saves a great attempt from Argentina in the 17th minute. Corner from Messi comes way out and Veron hammers one that keeper is forced to block for another corner. This one cleared.

Argentina slides one through the box but nobody able to connect.

Greece picks up a yellow in the 29th minute for a relatively stupid foul. Good chance for Argentina on the direct kick. Veron into the wall.

Shot blocked for a corner in the 32nd minute. Argentina with the run of play; Greece will need a counterattack to get something. Greece sends one long in the 33rd that just about splits the defense. Good try.

Greece down to 10 while a player gets treatment. Clears for a corner from an Argentine attack.

South Korea equalizes in the 38th minute! 1-1 South Korea v. Nigeria. Currently Argentina and South Korea go to the second round.

Greek free kick punched out; quick counter goes too far for the Argentine forward to track down.

Greek keeper with two big saves in extra time! 0-0 at half.

Two minutes in Greece misses a major chance. By rights they should be up 1-0.

Six minutes into the 2nd, South Korea takes a 2-1 lead over Nigeria. Presently, Argentina wins group, South Korea is 2nd (on goal differential).

Argentina still getting chances. One would think Greece would begin to throw some guys forward soon—as it stands, a draw means they’re out.

Nigeria earns a penalty and converts! 2-2 South Korea v. Nigeria. Presently, it’s Argentina and South Korea going through, but everybody is still alive. One goal could change everything—how would it be if Greece scored and Argentina were knocked out?

Possession now Argentina 66%, Greece 34%.

Argentina picks up a yellow on Bolatti. Argentina subs in Pastore, who has a fantastic rep. Corner to Argentina.

Argentina Scores! That almost guarantees they’re through to the next round. Greece needs two goals now and that’s highly unlikely. Maradona and assistant coaches hug.

The biggest remaining question is Nigeria v. South Korea. If Nigeria scores and wins, they go through to the next round, otherwise it’s South Korea. Greece is likely done.

Argentina playing keep away now. They’re just looking to kill clock. Eight minutes remaining in regulation.

Messi off the post!

More keep-away. Three minutes left.

Messi shoots, saved, follow-up is in! 2-0 Argentina. Greece is going home.

Greece with a couple of shots in extra time, but it’s too late now. And that’s it. Argentina wins Group B. The 2-2 South Korea v. Nigeria draw moves South Korea into second place.