All teams in Group D still have a chance to qualify. Ghana and Germany battle for the top spot (Germany leads Serbia on goal differential, so it’s possible that Germany and Serbia win and if Serbia wins by enough, Serbia wins group). If things stay as they are—both games are draws—Ghana wins group and Germany is second. The US plays team 2, right now meaning Germany, on Saturday. Best result for the US are Ghana and Australia victories, but I don’t expect either of those.

Germany with an early shot. Easily saved. Germany with most of the possession. Attack down the wing just wide.

Serbia misses a golden chance. Beat the keeper on the run, but too wide to get the ball on frame.

Ghana shot blocked. Dangerous!

Serbia with a chance. Missed the header.

Lucovic of Serbia gets a yellow.

Corner for Australia. Nothing.

Germany with a corner. The pass the ball across the box several times; results in a throw-in.

Now 20 minutes in.

Serbia shot saved from in close! Great save by the keeper!

Ghana blows a golden opportunity. Really should have gotten that one in.

Huge save by the Ghana keeper!

Ghana just heads wide off a corner. They’re getting chances!

Cahill heads wide for the SoccerRoos. Everybody’s getting chances in both games, though I’d say Australia is getting the fewest opportunities of everyone.

Serbia misses a header wide. Serbia’s missing great chances.

Germany misses a header. 35 minutes gone.

Serbia offside, but man it’s close. Otherwise it was going in. Still 0-0.

Australia with a nice counter that nets a corner. Wasted.

Yellow card to Ayew of Ghana. He got the ball, but he got a lot of player too. It’s a good card for keeping the game from getting chippy.

Muller gets a yellow for Germany. Went down and got very little man but also got no ball whatsoever.

Header missed by Ghana.

Australian header saved.

0-0 in both games at halftime. Lots of great action!

Yellow to Australia. Now another to Australia. They’ll be down to 10 men soon at this rate. ESPN says Australia have never won at the World Cup when even at half. Not a good sign, since they need a victory or they’re out.

Ghana break saved by the keeper. GREAT goal keeping this Cup. Germany looks to counter.

Serbia misses one inside the penalty area. Sent high.

Serbia offside.

Ghana shot saved. It’s a real back and forth.

Australia getting lots of pressure. Shot wide.

Serbia picks up a yellow. Note to players: Do not slide unless absolutely necessary.

Australian corner cleared.

GOAL! Germany scores! Oezil gets free at the top of the box and slots it! 1-0 Germany.

That puts Germany at the top of the group with Ghana in second.

Corner now to Ghana. Out the back.

Australia looks like they’re playing with 4 forwards. Good shot, but offside on the follow-up.

Australia putting on all kinds of pressure.

Ghana shot blocked by Lahm. Great block!

Emerton gets a yellow for Australia.

Serbia heads just high and wide. Very close.

Mueller subbed out for Germany.

Cahill scores for Australia! GOAL! 1-0 Australia! Beautiful header! Ghana and Germany still going through at this stage.

If Serbia loses they’re out. Australia is down goal differential heavily to Ghana

Right now US plays Ghana if things stand, and I’m good with that. Vastly preferred to playing Germany.

Podelski rocketed a shot which went off the face of a Ghana player. He’s being stretchered off. Probably OK.

Australia scores from distance! 2-0 Australia! Two goals in 3 minutes. Goal differential is 4 I think. Great shot to the corner! Yes, commentator says presently, Australia needs 2 more goals to get into the next round. About 15 minutes left.

Serbian shot wide.

If nothing else, thank God for Australia pushing guys forward. This is a massively entertaining change from the first half.

Germany on the counter. Nothing.

Subs in the Germany v. Ghana game. Schwansteiger might be hurt. Looks like hamstring.

Australia subs out Wilkshire, defender, for an attacker. About 10 minutes left.

Serbia scores! Keeper couldn’t hold on, and the follow-up is netted easily. Unfortunate, after such a great game. 2-1 Australia.

Still Germany and Ghana going through. Serbia called back for offside.

If Serbia scores to equalize, they’ll be the second team through in group.

Australia is likely done for, now needing three goals from themselves and/or Germany.

Kennedy for Australia just misses wide.

Ghana pumps one over the net. Serbia does as well.

Serbia on the run. Corner. Serbia claims hand ball. Yeah, Cahilll hand. Serbia on the attack. This is it. Extra time now. Three minutes.

Germany trying to play possession. Less than a minute in regulation. Ghana attacking. Three minutes additional here too.

Serbia attacking. A goal or bust. Australia’s counter is finally cleared. Serbia on offside. He should never be offside there.

Last attack for Serbia. No. Australia on the attack. Nothing. That’s the game!

Australia and Serbia both out.

Germany wins! Germany takes the Group and will play England on the Sunday morning. Ghana takes second on the Serbia loss, and US plays Ghana on Saturday.

Whew. Exciting!