Seeing a guy in a chicken suit singing the Paraguayan national anthem is a great way to start the day.

If New Zealand wins they’re in the next round. To say that this would be amazing is an understatement, and nobody I can think of expects it. If Paraguay wins, they’re through to the next round. A draw puts Paraguay in as well and NZ will have to rely on the Italy v. Slovakia game. Slovakia have to beat Italy to qualify. It’s unlikely but I’ll be cheering for it anyway. The last time Italy didn’t get out of group was 1974.

Yellow to Caceres of Paraguay. Earned.

Yellow to Strba of Slovakia.

Some great dribbling by Paraguay.

Italy flopping.

Paraguay with a shot just high and wide.

If both games end in a draw by the same score, all deciding factors will be level meaning New Zealand and Italy will draw lots to see who goes to the next round.

Slovakia scores! Italy’s defense gives it away! Great shot to the corner. Super news for me. 1-0 Slovakia.

Paraguay and Slovakia will advance if the score holds.

Yellow to Cannavaro of Italy.

Vittek of Slovakia gets a yellow.

Yellow to Santa Cruz of Paraguay.

Slovak player down with what looks to be a bad injury. Stretchered off. Cut on the knee; we’ll see. Subbing in for him; no, now they’ve changed it and wrapped the knee. We’ll see how it is, but the injured guy is back in.

Paraguay v. NZ is 0-0 at half.

Slovakia puts one just wide in injury time.

That’s half. 1-0 Slovakia.

Italian shot blocked off the line in the 66th minute!

NZ throwing people forward as well.

Italians now with three in back (started with four).

Slovakia SCORES! Vittek in off a corner! 2-0 Slovakia! Stunning! Only good news I can think of for Italy is that every Italian player will have a chance to flop at the end of the game. About 15 minutes left.

Pepe of Italy gets a yellow.

NZ survives a scare, but they have to score to advance.

Italy scores in the 80th minute. Sadly.
2-1 now. Two yellows one to Italy, one to Slovakia keeper in the scrum after the goal.

About 7 minutes plus added time. Can Slovakia hold on?

Italy puts in the net, but offside. Yes, he was.

Slovakia scores from a throw-in! 3-1 Slovakia! Italy is toast!

An aside: John Harkes is an incredibly annoying commentator.

Paraguay v. NZ now in injury time; 3 minutes.

Italy scores! A beautiful chip in. Great goal! 3-2 Slovakia. Two minutes left.

Paraguay v. NZ is a draw. Paraguay goes on; New Zealand is out, but let’s take a moment to congratulate the Kiwis on a fine World Cup showing. Tying Italy (and deserving a win) and tying Paraguay are both achievements of which they can be proud.

Pepe misses on the back post. How was he all alone and how did he miss?

That’s it! Italy loses 3-2! They’re out of the Cup. Fantastic news for those of us who hate floppers!