Well, Ivory Coast needs to have Brazil beat Portugal—not an impossible occurrence—and then beat North Korea by eight goals which might be more problematic. After Portugal shelled North Korea for seven, including six in the second half, you’d say it can be done, but I’m not banking on it. Altogether it has to be a nine goal swing with Brazil and Ivory Coast victories.

North Korea are already out.

The reality is that Brazil v. Portugal is a game for the top spot in Group G, with Brazil taking it with either a win or a draw. Portugal needs to win outright, though they’re highly likely to take second even if they lose.

Fabiano gets a yellow. Portugal are diving, no surprise.

Ivory Coast are getting lots of early chances. Goal in the 15th minute! 1-0 Ivory Coast. Only seven more to go + a Brazil victory.

Drogba brings it down in the box off the post and headed home! 2-0 Ivory Coast 20 minutes in.

North Korea just miss a free kick wide. Nice chance. Keeper was beaten.

Juan of Brazil gets a yellow. Duda of Portugal a yellow.

Tiago of Portugal a yellow for diving.

Brazil off the post; nice save by the keeper.

Drogba with a great move to beat two in the box, but no runners and it’s all to no avail.

IC off the post.

Fabiano heads just wide.

Pepe gets a yellow; Melo gets a yellow and is subbed out.

Coentrao of Portugal gets a yellow.

2-0 and 0-0 at halftime.

Portugal misses a golden opportunity; keeper just gets a hand to it to knock it wide.

Ivory Coast scores a third in the 81st minute. 3-0 Ivory Coast, but it’s too late now to make a difference. The big remaining question is the Portugal v. Brazil game and who will top the group.

Portugese keeper makes a nice save off a deflection. Both games with 5 minutes of extra time.

And that’s it: Brazil tops group on the 0-0 draw with Portugal. Portugal takes second. Ivory Coast trounces North Korea 3-0, but it’s not enough.