Spain v. Chile and Switzerland v. Honduras. No team in World Cup history has ever failed to qualify for the second round whilst garnering six points in the first round; if Spain and Switzerland win, that happens today.

It’s a messy set, but here’s the scoop: If Switzerland win by 2 goals, they’re in regardless of anything else.

Honduras aren’t mathematically eliminated, but they’d have to win by a large margin and get help in the other game.

Yellow to Thomas of Honduras.

Spain just about beat the Chilean defense from distance. Great ball played behind the defense.

Brilliant play from Chile, but they can’t finish.

Swiss shoot just wide.

Estrada shoots just wide for Chile.

Chile with a nice chip that the keeper taps out. Spain’s defense looks uncomfortable.

Yellow to Medel of Chile; he’s out for the next game.

Swiss head just wide.

Chile bringing some heat to knock back the Spaniards attack. Not to say that they couldn’t counter of course.

Yellow to Estrada of Chile on a horrible slide tackle from behind. Idiot.

It didn’t amount to anything but props to David Villa for running down that ball along the side.

Free kick to Chile. Right side of the Spanish box. Could amount to something. Nope.

GOAL! David Villa from 35 out after the Chilean keeper fails to clear adequately. Boy if you come out like that you better get it out of bounds. Bizarre play, but great shot. 1-0 Spain. Spain and Chile going through at present.

Fernandes of Switzerland gets a yellow for stopping the break.

Chile miss just wide on their own break. Corner.

Chile lucky not to be concede a penalty. I know the Spanish flop, but that looked like a foul in the box to me.

Goal! Spain gets another on a wonderful shot bent around the keeper. Some kind of scrum afterward. Did Estrada just get a red? Yes! Chile are well and truly hosed now. That was a terrible call. What a flop by Spain. Everything one loves and hates about Spain in one play: Beautiful soccer and flopping. Chile down to 10 men. Good luck getting even now, despite having the run of play generally.

Alonso of Spain hobbles off. Was the Chilean booked? Should have been, but no.

Halftime: 2-0 Spain v. Chile. 0-0 Switzerland v. Honduras. At present Spain and Chile go through.

Chile scores! Two minutes into the 2nd. Shot deflected off a defender. Keeper had no chance. Switzerland again needs two goals to get to next round. Presently they have zero.

Swiss player injured.

Honduras miss a pointblank header.

Suazo of Honduras gets a yellow.

Swiss shot saved, game really open now since Swiss need 2.

Chile looks to be tiring.

Yellow to Chavez of Honduras right at the top of the box. Danger, danger. Nothing. Corner to Swiss.

Spain starting to get the run of play. Chile continuing to lag.

Brilliant save by the Swiss keeper. That ball was going in.

Swiss with a chance wide.

That’s it! Spain and Chile move on.