At long last we’ve arrived to the knockout stages. For this viewer in the USA—one who’s seen every game (which necessitated the use of two screens for those end of first round simulcast games)—this is a great feeling. Not only do I no longer have to wakeup at 5 AM to watch the action, but I also won’t have to try to watch two games at once, a feat that made blogging coherently almost impossible. And of course “knockout” means just that: No draws. If we’re tied at the end of regulation, we’re doing a sudden death overtime. If we’re tied at the end of that, penalty kicks. We will have a winner.

I like Uruguay in this morning’s match up, but once you reach the 16 no team can be discounted, and you know South Korea will be high energy if nothing else.

Early free kick to South Korea. Off the post! Keeper was beaten. South Korea have scored in every qualifying match, and they look dangerous early.

GOAL! Not even 10 minutes in, Forlan crosses and the keeper misses and Suarez, completely unmarked on the back post, finishes with power. The defense had pulled up for an offside trap, but Suarez was easily on and utterly unmarked. Great ball from Forlan! 1-0 Uruguay, but so far South Korea has actually looked the more dangerous. I think that this might be the first of a lot of goals today.

South Korea still threatening, but Uruguay’s counter attack is also formidable and comes with pace.

Uruguay is keeping more possession now, and South Korea’s early energy seems to have waned a bit.

South Korea very lucky to have a linesman call offsides after a horrible giveaway.

South Korea unleashes a shot just wide in the 31st minute. Good shot.

Jungwoo gets a yellow; iffy call if you ask me.

South Korea with another dangerous free kick near the end of the half.

How was that not a handball in the box? Think Uruguay deserved a penalty kick from that, but nothing given.

1-0 at half.

Horrible defensive error—passed the ball straight to the forward—fails to get punished by Uruguay. Should have done a bit better than that.

South Korea over the bar from inside the 18. Should have done better than that as well. Good evidence of pressure, though.

Good attack and header, but SK can’t finish the deal. Keeper saves. Lots of pressure still.

SOUTH KOREA! In the 22nd minute of the 2nd. Free kick headed up, keeper comes out and misses while the ball is headed past and into the net. 1-1!

Du Ri of SK gets a yellow.

Long shot by Uruguay on frame, but easily saved. SK counter leads to a one-on-one but also played straight to the goalie.

Suarez with a couple of opportunities but goes high on both. Uruguay have stepped up their game since the goal.

The rain is really coming down now. I wonder how the footing will be. Corners to Uruguay.

SUAREZ! A bender off the post from the backside! What a great, great shot! 2-1 Uruguay as Suarez gets the brace at the 81st minute.

Yellow for Hyung who missed the ball and fouled the player, intentionally in my view, twice on the same play.

Suarez subbed out, presumably for a defender now that we’ve got about six minutes plus injury time.

SK with a chance, through the keepers legs—how was he not off. No, good call. He was on. Keeper got enough of it to keep it from rolling in. Attacker should have finished better. About two minutes left in regulation.

Three minutes extra time which seems generous.

Uruguay still attacking. Hard to believe they’re not just playing possession.

And that’s it! Uruguay 2-1 over South Korea. Good and entertaining game!