In a battle of floppers, it’s almost like I can’t lose: One of the teams I dislike is headed out.

In the opening 30 minutes, Spain’s had the run of play with occasional chances for Portugal, notably a free kick from Christian Ronaldo that knuckled like crazy. The keeper did an outstanding job just to get in front of it. That’s the Jabulani in the nutshell right there. Other item of note: Not much flopping. I expected everyone on the pitch to fall down instantly and claim a foul as soon as the opening whistle sounded, but perhaps two flopping teams sort of cancel each other out. I dunno. I’m inclined to say the ref, who’s not given Christian Ronaldo the time of day for attempted flops, is calling a pretty good game.

Some good action, but 0-0 at half.

Second sees wild flopping by both sides and to his credit, the ref is having none of it. I love this guy.

Good save of a Spanish pointblank header 15 minutes in. Villa shot just wide seconds later. Spain getting better chances, but it’s still anybody’s game.

Villa scores! Lots of trick exchanges around the edge of the box; Villa breaks free; keeper saves the first, but Villa nets the follow-up. 1-0 Spain.

Portuguese keeper with another great save in the 24th minute of the 2nd. Ramos’ shot was headed in.

Alonso of Spain gets a yellow. Good call.

Villa cranks up another one requiring a nice save.

Yellow to Tiago, but bad call. Villa flopped.

On the brighter side none of Christian Ronaldo’s flops have worked so I still want to marry the ref.

David Villa out for a defender in the 87th minute. Spain better hope this doesn’t go to OT.

Costa of Portugal gets a straight red! Wow! I didn’t see it and I still don’t see it on the replay. Looks like a flop. Call off the wedding. Fitting somehow that Portugal gets nailed by a flop.

Three minutes of extra time. Portugal blows a chance. They’re still yapping at the diving Spaniard.

Spain wins 1-0!