Two good teams, perhaps two great teams. Certainly two of the better sides in the tournament. Odds are high that it will be a pretty closed game. Despite Brazil’s fame for flair, Coach Dunga has them playing a very conservative style nowadays, which while it might not be thrilling from a fan’s perspective, gives them a much better chance of winning the tournament. It’s an obvious change after Brazil crashed out against France in 2006.

Wow Netherlands has started by flopping. They must think getting Brazil a man down is their best avenue for success. If you weren’t a Brazil fan already you will be when you see stuff like that.

Brazil offside in the 7th minute on what would have been a goal, but the linesman was correct. The Netherlands defense was picked apart pretty easily, something that should give Netherlands a bit of pause.

GOAL TO BRAZIL! Sliced the Netherlands defense right down the middle. Not even difficult. Looked like a tactical goal. Hard to say from the replay, but looked like the Netherlands’ defense was in a 2-3 with two central backs. One forward flashed across the two, another attacker coming in from the wing filled the space between and behind the two, and a beautiful pass put him straight onto goal. Great stuff! 1-0 Brazil.

Yellow to Heitinga of Netherlands. Looked earned but hard to see as most cameras missed it.

Free kick from 39 meters. Where’s Roberto Carlos when you need him? (Answer: Not on the team. Dunga didn’t pick him to the final 23.)

Fantastic run for Brazil down the left flank with a great dribbling effort, a fine pass and an even better shot from Kaka that was headed upper V before the keeper made a spectacular save. Excellent football!

1-0 at half.

Van Der Wiel gets a yellow for diving. Good.

Goal! Netherlands from distance! I’m not even sure at first look how that got in. Keeper just came out, ran into his own player and missed it. Horrible keeper error. 1-1.

Yellow to Nigel de Jong. He’ll miss the next game if Netherlands go through. Deserved.

Goal Netherlands! Header off a corner! OMG. 2-1 Netherlands! I didn’t see that coming. Brazil will have to attack now!

Melo is tossed with a straight red! Didn’t see it at first, but he intentionally stepped on a downed player. Sucks for Brazil, but good call, I thought. Brazil now at 10 men. They are falling apart.

Dangerous free kick saved.

Yellow to OOijer for time wasting. Also deserved.

Corners to Brazil, the first of which Lucio volleys and is saved, the second skitters across the goal mouth, the third the keeper saves.

Brazil with a dangerous free kick, but that should have been a yellow card. Can’t believe the ref didn’t give one for that. Off the wall. Nothing.

Three minutes of extra time. Two. One. None!

Netherlands win! Brazil is out! Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.