I didn’t think much of the admittedly athletic Ghana team against the US; I expect a Uruguayan victory. No African team has ever made the semifinals, but perhaps this is a day of upsets. Either way, I’ve got to say that the Netherlands is clearly a favorite to make it to the finals, making tomorrow’s Germany v. Argentina game all the more important in the other bracket.

Gyan throws a nutty after the ref calls him on it. Replay clearly shows a handball.

Corner header on frame saved nicely. Replay looks like it was off the Ghana defender. Yikes.

Yellow to Fucile which knocks him out of the next one if Uruguay advance.

Suarez with a great shot off a throw-in in the 25th. Good save!

Ghana with a major chance off a corner in the 29th. Just misses. Oh baby, that would have been totally against the run of play, too. Uruguay is dominant in terms of possession and corners.

Ghana misses just barely wide on a counter in the 30th.

34th minute now and Ghana has had the run of play for the last 5 minutes.

Uruguay has used a sub to take off their captain. Not sure why so early. Injury, maybe? (Yep, later shot shows the player on the bench with an icepack on his knee. That’s got to be a big blow.)

Ghana misses another good chance on a header in the 38th. Dangerous chances.

Uruguayan player goes up for a header, comes down weird, and -boop- out like a light. Hope he’s OK. Alright he’s up and off. Uruguay will play with 10 for the remaining 5 minutes or so until half.

Ghana misses a bicycle kick in the box. Too bad, would have been awesome.

GHANA! Unbelievable left foot from distance! With only seconds until half. Replay shows the keeper screened and leaning the wrong way. Great shot gives Ghana 1-0 at half, and deservedly too: They’ve had run of play since the 29th minute. Wow.

Big action in the opening two minutes with the ref missing a call right outside the Ghana penalty area.

Yellow to Arevalo of Uruguay.

Yellow to Pantsil of Ghana, who got nothing but player.

Forlan! Puts in the free kick for Uruguay. Beautiful curved shot! 1-1! Replay shows the ball moving all over the place. Jabulani goal!

Yellow to Perez after 5 minutes of great action. It’s been a very good second half in the opening 15 minutes.

Suarez misses on a great cross from Forlan in the 18th minute of the 2nd. Geez.

The linesman on the Uruguay offensive side is having a hellish half, missing one offside call after another.

Suarez’ shot saved in the 25th. Should have passed it in rather than cranking up the power. Good save, nonetheless.

Yellow to Sarpei of Ghana for trying to pull Suarez arm out of its socket.

Great action in the 2nd half. Very entertaining.

To overtime!

Some chances. Big opportunity at the end. Handball! Yes, that’s a straight red, but what do you do? If it goes in the game is over. You have to hand it off the line and hope for the best. Actually, I thought the ref carded the wrong guy. That’s amusing in the midst of Uruguayan heartbreak.

He missed it! Oh my word. That was the game. To penalties, and I’ll bet, despite all the evidence in the world, the keepers continue to hopelessly dive to the corners instead of on just a few shots, standing in the middle.

Uruguay wins it 4-2 in penalties. Amazing. Highly entertaining game and Uruguay goes on by the barest of margins.