Now I like Germany in this one since I don’t think the Argentine defense is up to the task, but there’s no question it’s anybody’s game.

GOAL! Only three minutes in! Wow! The Argentine defense picked apart easily. That was horrible defending on the set piece. 1-0 Germany.

Tons of space in the midfield for Germany to attack. Yikes. If it stays this way, Argentina is toast. I’ll call that now.

First yellow to Otamendi of Argentina. It was a dive by the German.

Mueller picks up a yellow for a handball; he’ll miss the semi if Germany advances.

1-0 Germany at half.

Klose! In the 67th minute from Podolski. Great teamwork. 2-0 Germany.

Great run by Schwansteiger! Goal! Argentina are done for. 3-0 Germany.

Klose! A clinical counterattack from Germany. 4-0 Germany. About a minute left in regulation. Done.

Argentina simply outclassed, both in talent and tactics. Germany the odds on favorite to win it all.