On the heels of the Germany’s 4-0 thrashing of Argentina, I think everyone expects a German victory against Spain. While I’m not one to write off David Villa, Spain’s star foward with whom everyone’s been impressed, I’ve got to agree that Germany certainly should win. I’m guessing 2-1.

Game has started tight and relatively boring, with Spain getting two decent chances, including one header that really should have been finished. Let’s hope somebody scores to make it interesting.

Nope. A few OK chances here or there—most of them offsides—but a relatively dull contest with the majority of the play in the middle third. We desperately need a goal here. 0-0 at half.

Spain with the run of play; Germany with a few good attacking chances but clearly back on their heels in the opening 20 minutes.

GOAL! Spain on a header from a corner! No chance for the keeper who looks rightly aggrieved. Really poor marking from Germany. 1-0 Spain.

35th minute. In with Gomez for Germany and on the Spanish side out with David Villa and in with Torres. Villa has played lights out and leads the Cup in scoring, Torres has been injured and has played awful by all accounts. I’m not sure this sub is a good idea.

Spain blows a major 2 v 1 counter. That should have been a goal, but it’s a clear sign the Germany has started to press forward out of necessity.

And it’s Spain! 1-0. I will have to revise my statement about Spain always disappointing. They played a great game today and deserved the win. Germany, honestly, looked flat. My favorite thing about Spain: No flopping. That’s a welcome change.