File under Super Bowl records set:
Fewest combined rushing attempts: 36, Green Bay (13); Pittsburgh (23)

As I noted in my pre-game analysis, Green Bay needed to forgo the run, which they did, and we needed a steady dose of Mendenhall, which we did not. It did not help to go down early, but our touchdown drive in the second half, where we did not pass the ball but simply ran it down Green Bay’s throat should have told us everything we needed to know: We could and should have kept with that strategy from the outset of the game. We really had no need to pass until the Pack proved they could stop the run, something they did only once when Mendenhall fumbled. This is another way of saying: A Jerome Bettis, Bill Cowher-era Steelers team would have won this game.

On the Green Bay side, they deserve credit for passing the ball. Our secondary, with the exception of Troy Polomolu (who played a disappointing game like most of the Steelers), is sub-par. Ike Taylor is a decent corner and Ryan Clark hits hard, but that’s not good enough. We really need two shut-down corners so that our linebackers can blitz with impunity. The Packs receivers had way too much separation on most pass plays and QB Aaron Rodgers is too accurate to hope for a gift. I don’t think we were close to an interception all night.

So, a disappointing outcome. Assuming we can re-sign LB Lamaar Woodley, we’re actually set up well to make another run at things next year. That’s not usually the way it happens, but at least the talent is there.