Jonah finished 20 of 270 for 2nd grade boys in the Awesome 3000 yesterday with a time of 7:53 on the 1.5k course. That’s an improvement of 16 seconds over last year. I was very proud of his effort.

Similarly, I was very proud of Elisha’s effort. After a morning basketball game and getting injured at the beginning of the race, she stuck with it and completed the course which is a testament to her perseverance. Indeed, even that I think undersells how well she did. Rested and uninjured she can easily beat her time of 12:14, but it was good enough for 90th place of 178 for Kindergarten girls.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure the kids want to return to the event next year. With both Jonah and Elisha getting knocked over at the start (poor Elisha really getting creamed), neither seemed very happy with the overall experience. In another year, we may get a chance to test the adage that “pain is temporary, pride is forever” when we ask them if they want to run the race again.

I hope they do.