It’s not rained since May at the stadium location, but it’s raining now and has been for the previous 4 hours. That is distinctly bad news for Mexico’s possession game and plays to the heart of Cameroon’s more physical style. Both teams need a win as Croatia and Brazil will be, by turns, difficult and nigh impossible to beat.

The World Cup player introductions—turn to the camera and cross your arms—make every player look awkward to these American eyes. Perhaps this plays differently in other cultures.

I like the Lions in this one given the conditions and their height advantage on set pieces, but again, I think Brazil and Croatia are the ones headed to second round.

Opening 5 minutes see Mexico with the run of play, but nothing particularly threatening emerges from it. Mexico is running down the left side at will. Cameroon needs to find a solution there. Mexico gets one called back on a bad offside call. Close, but wrong. Nonetheless, one gets the sense that this will be just a matter of time before Mexico puts one in.

And then Cameroon comes to life! Some decent possession, a chance or two, and a case that they should have been given a penalty. Better, and more entertaining. There are goals to be had here for both sides.

Mexico has another taken away. That was not offside unless another attacker touches it, and they didn’t. Reasonably good officiating 2 out of 3 officials, but as we saw yesterday, you only have to blow a couple big ones to ruin a game. We’re already there, and it’s not even half time. And just as I write that Mexico gets taken down in the box without getting a penalty. Replay shows, yep, probably so, but at least it’s not clearcut. One could reasonably argue that’s it’s a no-call.

Cameroon is running an offsite trap for everything. 0-0 at half, but it really ought to be 3-1 Mexico.

Could have been a yellow on Song, but no intent in the foul on Dos Santos and no card. Mexico starting to flop a bit to get calls. Hope that’s not a trend. No Cameroon does the same. Rats. Hate flopping.

Yellow to Mexico’s Moreno, but that’s a good foul. Cameroon was on to goal if Moreno doesn’t do that. Little bit dangerous now on the free kick. Off the wall and just wide! Corner. Nothing there, and the break is on…and back off. Mexico should have done better with that.

MEXICO scores! Finally split Cameroon down the middle, keeper saves the first but can’t handle the follow-up. 1-0 in the 60th minute.

Coming up on the 70th minute. Time for Cameroon to put in Roger Milla, who even at age 62 is probably good for a goal or two. Mexico playing a lot of possession.

Yellow to Nounkeu in getting all player, no ball. Good call. Amounts to nothing. About 12 minutes now plus stoppage time.

Cameroon takes out Song, adds a forward. Right move, but late. Corner to Cameroon goes through everybody for a goal kick.

Cameroon with a great attack in the 87th minute. That had a chance. Mexico is starting to bunker a bit. Stoppage time. Cameroon with a nice header and a good save for the keeper.

Mexico steals one deep. Oh, that should have been finished. Commentator is right: If that pass had been on the ground, it would’ve been buried. Shouldn’t matter, I think they’ve held on. And that’s it. 1-0 Mexico!