A repeat of the last World Cup final. Netherlands looked very strong in warm-up matches prior while the ongoing question for Spain is simply are they too old. Van Persie up top makes Netherlands a threat to score at any time.

Well, that was a questionable penalty, but I thought it was a good call live. Less convincing on the replay. The equalizer before half is brutal. Great, great goal, but you hate to give that up right before half. 1-1.

The second half is quite simply a disaster for Spain. The goals are pouring into the Spanish net. Some horrible and great goalkeeping, but in some ways it doesn’t matter: The Spanish have stopped working and this has fallen apart for them. They’re a team built to hold possession, not come back from goals down. Nobody could have seen this coming, not to this level. 5-1 Netherlands, and one has to say they appear a favorite while Spain has some big questions to answer.