The Ticos of Costa Rica have to my knowledge never won a World Cup game, and I don’t think anyone will be predicting that streak stopping today. Uruguay comes off a third place finish in 2010 and brings last time’s Golden Boot winner Diego Forlan in for another go-round, this time at age 35. We all know Uruguay’s chances were materially damaged by the injury to Luis Suerez several weeks ago, as there’s virtually no way he’ll see action today. Recovery is 3-10 weeks from the knee surgery he had, and this is week 3.

A somewhat tedious first half becomes a little more interesting now after a legitimate PK for Uruguay. You simply can’t wrap up an attacker in a bear hug and expect to not get called. Stupid foul, but as the defender was thoroughly beaten may he thought he was better off taking chances with the foul rather than allow the uncontested header. Either way, 1-0 Uruguay.

Lalas, of course, takes half time as an opportunity to remind us that fouls like that happen on every corner.

Second half begins with more interest. The game has opened up. And there it is! Costa Rica scores! Wow, pulling a point out of this would be an achievement. Nobody sees them going through to the next round out of this group—England and Italy are the other two—but a draw is a great result for them.

OMG! And again! Costa Rica on a crazy good header. Might have been off…replay has me saying yes, but what a header! What will Uruguay do now? This is shocking.

Taking off Forlan was not what I expected, certainly. I know he’s 35, but if not Suerez, do you have a better striker on the bench? Huh.

Well, this game has utterly gone away from Uruguay. They look lost and bereft of ideas.

And the capper! Great pass and sweet finish make it 3-1 Costa Rica! Pura Vida, baby. Wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years.

The Ticos are killing clocks like experts. Oh! That’s red. Yep. You can’t hack like that and not get ball. Think he knew it too. Stupid play even you are frustrated. Now you miss the next, must-win game.

Wow. What a result. Not as stunning perhaps as Spain’s tragedy yesterday, but plenty surprising. English fans must be as over the moon as the Ticos; their chances of second round just got a whole lot better.