The NY Times rightly calls Donald Trump the worst presidential candidate in modern history. Personally, I think he’s an existential threat to the country, something I’ve never thought about another candidate. If you’re like-minded, you should be absolutely terrified at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

I am absolutely on board with the notion of Hillary Clinton as a subpar candidate, but we simply cannot have Trump. Every former living president, Democrat and GOP, has endorsed Clinton at least in part because they find Trump so dangerous. I have little sympathy for third-party candidates when the threat to the country is this large (despite my wish that our system gave more opportunities to smaller parties).

Now the really bad news: Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina are going to vote Trump. Probably Nevada, Florida, and Ohio as well. My map right now has it for Clinton by 273-265. If Colorado flips, as it might, Trump wins.

Now I don’t think that will happen. In fact, I have trouble digging up more than 265 electoral votes for Trump. And Florida and Nevada may go Democratic in the end, either of which would spell doom for the Trump campaign.

But things are a lot closer than they should be. Hillary needs to have a good debate.