Marie Pilsäter at the Swedish Defense Ministry says that no-one called Nils Bildt works there. ”We have no spokesman by that name”, she said. The Foreign Office also denies that he works there. ”We do not know who he is.”

Nils Bildt is the son of Sven Tolling, well know in Swedish equestrian circles. Nils Bildt emigrated from Sweden in 1994. Nine years later he changed his last name from Tolling to Bildt, and he now runs several security companies in the United States. His last known address, according to Swedish registers, is in Tokyo. It is unclear if his companies are still in business.

Nils Bildt, who spoke on Fox News about crime in Sweden, is convicted of a violent offence himself, according to documents from Arlington General District Court in Virginia. Bildt was arrested on the 19th of June, 2014, for assaulting a law enforcement person and for obstruction of justice, after threatening an official [Case number: GC14002638-00

Fox News, or as many of us prefer Faux News, has been doing this for years. They’re utterly unreliable. While viiewers can hold logically constructed positions based what they’ve seen on Fox, because the underlying facts or data are wrong, the positions themselves tend to be so as well. (And “tend to be so” is about as generous as I can say that. Most of the stupidest politic things I’ve every heard come from people who watch Fox News.)

That’s to say nothing of the “us vs them” mentality that the channel espouses which is about as un-American and un-Christian as one could imagine. Fear of the “other”—frequently nameless or only implied—is a scourge on the body politic and humanity itself.