The Emerald City Comic Con is scheduled in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center from March 12-15. Last year it drew 98,000 people. It is the height of irresponsibility that organizers are moving forward with this. Refunding ticket holders who ask is not enough. The event, like all events that draw large numbers of people, needs to be cancelled.

Similarly, Seattle schools should be closed as well. Historically, being proactive rather than reactive in this respect leads to better outcomes. There is no reason to think it would be different this time around.

(During the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic two of the things that worked to slow the spread of the flu: closing schools and banning public gatherings. See

While kids are less susceptible to the effects of COVID-19, there appears to be no difference from adults in their ability to acquire or transmit the virus.

I’ve written previously about the things necessary for a society to avoid a large scale outbreak. We are not (yet) doing those things. To have any hope of containment, we need to start doing them immediately. I’m not optimistic.