Makes it slightly less stupid. 

Full details here, but this section is a notable improvement:

It is strongly recommended that individuals, including children between 2 and 12 years
of age, wear a mask, face shield, or face covering at all times in all indoor public places
particularly in places where it is likely that physical distancing of at least six feet from
other individuals outside their household unit cannot be maintained at all times, and
vulnerable people must go.

This is better since the original language was akin to “ages 2-12 are exempt.”

The problem is that “strongly recommended” is all the governor’s order is anyway. It remains an order without an enforcement mechanism, so if I, for example, refuse to wear a face covering into a grocery store there is no legal consequence. The store can (and should) kick me out, but if they don’t? Meh. 

To clear, I’m happy the governor issued the order, but good grief, put some teeth in it.