Oh, look, there can be a legal process for change. 

Mississippi flag vote: Lawmakers take first steps to remove Confederate symbol from state flag

Applause broke out when the House of Representatives voted 85 to 35 to suspend rules and allow consideration of a bill creating a new design free of Confederate iconography.

Ahead of the historic vote, Speaker Pro Tem Jason White (R) argued forcefully against keeping the old flag, saying that it had come to be viewed as a symbol of hate.

“By changing our flag, we don’t abandon our founding principles,” he said. “We embrace them more fully by doing what is right. We’re not moving further away from our founding fathers’ visions. We’re moving closer to them. We’re not destroying our heritage; we’re fulfilling it.”

This is how it’s supposed to work. I’m as big an opponent of Confederate symbols as anyone, but they must be removed via a legal process instead of wanton destruction.

In a liberal democracy, people’s voices matter. While I support Mississippi changing their flag, I would also have to respect a decision by their legislature if they chose keep the current flag design. I wouldn’t like it. I’m on the other side. But democracy functions by respecting order, process, and the will of the people.

UPDATE: Mississippi state legislature passes bill to remove Confederate symbol from state flag in historic vote