Gov. Brown warns Oregonians to mask up or see businesses close:

Brown resisted saying what numbers of cases and hospitalizations would trigger her to impose new restrictions across the state. She said she would likely impose the restrictions the same way she granted permission to open up under phases – by county and by region.

This would be much more worrisome if Brown had paid any attention whatsoever to her own reopening guidelines in the first place. A number of counties did not meet the criteria for reopening but Brown apparently didn’t care, so here we are. No point in stating a trigger for reclosing—Brown and the OHA are playing so fast and loose with their own inadequate guidelines that the general public can’t rely on them for guidance anyway. 

No doubt universal masking continues to be a great idea. A shame that Brown has declined to give her order any teeth. Anyone breaking the masking order is subject to…absolutely nothing. No jail time. No ticket. No fine. There is no enforcement mechanism. It’s a strongly worded suggestion, which is sort of what today’s news conference represents.