I think the thread may have been lost.

Police declare riot early Saturday, third time in week. It is unclear to me what is now being accomplished other than the destruction of property and the risking of lives. Whatever specific changes protestors might be advocating for, those calls are now dwarfed by the violence that’s infected the demonstrations. 

The protests had remained calm until around 1 a.m. Saturday, when a few people threw rocks at the Federal Courthouse building, breaking windows, police said. Later, other protesters lit fireworks and shot them toward the Justice Center. 

A few fires were lit in trash bins throughout the night. Some demonstrations used fencing and barricades to build a fence on the street near the intersection of Southwest Third Avenue and Main Street.

Portland Police finally declared a riot situation at 4 AM. What is accomplished by being on the streets at 4 AM? 

Gov. Kate Brown on Friday urged the Portland Police Bureau to de-escalate nightly tensions with a group of protesters that she said have “repeatedly taken to the streets with the intent to destroy property.”

While she noted that “this group has repeatedly lit fires, thrown rocks, bottles, fireworks and other objects and have put the safety of others at risk,” Brown said the police response has gone too far.

I’m not sure what she’s asking the police to do. Stand down and allow the destruction of public and private property, I guess. Vandals attacked the famous elk statue on Wednesday night because, I suppose, it’s a patriarchal symbol of white supremacy or some such. I really don’t know what they’re trying to say any more. 

Update: Police union leader calls out local, state elected officials.