With new daily cases running generally between 200 and 400, Gov. Brown instituted new rules on July 13 that ban social gatherings of more than 10 people and that require wearing face coverings outdoors if 6 feet of distance can’t be maintained.

As per usual, the governor’s orders have nonsensical exceptions and even the addition of an enforcement mechanism (fines) came with the proviso that the governor is telling police not to issue tickets.

But it’s the exceptions that are truly galling: restaurants, bars, churches can all continue to hold gatherings above 10 people.
Multiple outbreaks have been linked to these venues in other states.

With the Oregon Health Authority’s own modeling showing a dramatic increase in new cases by the end of July, these half-hearted measures will likely prove wholly inadequate.

We should understand now what this means: There will be no in-person school this fall. The governor and the Oregon Health Authority have made their choice.

Update: Portland Public Schools have just canceled in-person full-time classes for the fall. Two days a week is the max, and even that’s iffy.