It’s not exactly the Love Boat.

USS University | No Mercy / No Malice:

Next month, as currently envisioned, 2,800+ cruise ships retrofitted with white boards and a younger cohort will set sail in the midst of a raging pandemic. The density and socialization on these cruise ships could render college towns across America the next virus hot spots.

Why are administrators putting the lives of faculty, staff, students, and our broader populace at risk?

The ugly truth is many college presidents believe they have no choice.

I’ve been saying for awhile now that high education spending, propped up by huge government subsidies, is unsustainable, particularly in light of information being widely and freely available via the Internet. Now that the oars of government spending and huge demand (driven by an insane K-12 push to get every kid into college) are being snapped by the pandemic, a lot of schools are going to flounder or go under entirely.