The Democrats have little chance of stopping Barrett’s confirmation, and the grounds of qualification are certainly not a fertile field for such an attempt. Barrett is well-qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice, no matter how distasteful the Democrats may find her politics. 

The only argument I consider valid, with the proviso that new information might emerge, is that Merrick Garland was not given even given a hearing under similar circumstances. That alone would be enough for me to vote against Barrett were I a senator. 

Otherwise, Barrett is well-qualified and the President gets to choose who he likes. 

American Bar Association rates Amy Coney Barrett as ‘well qualified’ – CNNPolitics:

The American Bar Association on Sunday rated Judge Amy Coney Barrett as “well qualified,” its highest rating, an important endorsement ahead of what are expected to be contentious confirmation hearings on her Supreme Court appointment this week.

Democrats have suggested in the wake of Barrett’s nomination that she holds extreme views on abortion and that the future of the Affordable Care Act is in jeopardy if she is confirmed. The ABA’s rating will be cited by Republicans to blunt those criticisms, even though the group’s importance is regularly dismissed by Republicans when it has criticized some judicial nominees.

GOP and Democrats draw battle lines in Barrett hearing
“A substantial majority of the Standing Committee determined that Judge Barrett is ‘Well Qualified,’ and a minority is of the opinion that she is ‘Qualified’ to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States,” Randall D. Noel, chair of the ABA’s Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary, wrote in a letter.
The ABA focuses on a person’s “professional qualifications” and does not take into consideration their “philosophy, political affiliation or ideology” when making its determinations.