The wild inconsistency out of the Governor’s office continues. Like so many decisions, this makes no sense. Either basketball is safe (which I seriously doubt) or it’s not.

Canzano: University of Portland basketball programs preparing to hurdle Gov. Kate Brown and move out of state –

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown refused to grant UP the same exception that she gave to both Oregon and Oregon State last month. The Pilots submitted protocols and procedures that mirrored those of the Pac-12 universities, but were denied twice.

…you can ice skate and go bowling in Oregon today. You can go to a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. The governor issued exemptions to allow all of that. The Ducks and Beavers basketball programs can also hold full basketball practices today, too. But if UP — and Portland State — want to practice, even with stringent protocols and testing, they will have to drive into a neighboring state.