Andrew Cuomo poll: 50% of New York voters say governor should not immediately resign – CNNPolitics:

Half of New York state registered voters do not believe Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo should immediately resign, a poll released on Monday by Siena College finds, despite mounting pressure for him to step aside in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, as well as his handling of Covid-19 deaths at state nursing homes.

A minority of voters, 35%, said that he should immediately resign, with 15% not sure, according to the poll, which was conducted March 8 through 12.
A majority of voters, 57%, said they were satisfied with the way that the governor has addressed allegations of sexual harassment, while 32% said they were not and 11% either didn’t know or didn’t have an opinion. Fifty-four percent of men said they were satisfied while 59% of women said the same.

This isn’t exoneration as much as it is a general sentiment in favor of due process. Notably, “only 34% of voters said they were prepared to reelect Cuomo if he runs…in 2022.” That’s down from 46% in February.

Short of joining the Republican Party, where this sort of behavior doesn’t seem to be politically fatal, you’d have to say that things look bleak for Cuomo’s political career after this term.